Presidential Spotlight - Student Association Visit

Dr. Keenum visits with members of the university's Student Association

Student Association Visit

MSU President Mark E. Keenum, center, smiles for a group photo with members of the university’s Student Association during a recent visit in his office. Pictured from left to right are Ella Stevenson of Huntsville, Alabama, SA director of programming; Dee Stegall of Tupelo, SA deputy chief of staff; Arman Borazjani of Starkville, SA director of policy; Jake Manning of Ridgeland, SA vice president; Keenum; Alex Bedwell of Starkville, SA treasurer; Charles Provine of Brandon, SA chief of staff; Mayah Emerson of Meridian, SA president; Carley Bowers of Collierville, Tennessee, SA secretary; and Maurice Moses of Waldorf, Maryland, SA director of marketing.

October 31, 2018